Lake Gjende, Memurubu

Lake Gjende, Memurubu

Photo by Annabel (Wikimedia Commons)

Off The Beaten Track Destinations in Norway

While most popular tourist spots draw people for a reason it's a great feeling when you happen upon a beautiful place not overrun by visitors wielding cameras and where there isn't a long line in sight. If you're looking for unique, often overlooked gems to discover while touring in your motohome rental then Norway is the ideal destination for you. The country offers a variety of off-the-beaten track destinations perfect for your Norway campervan vacation that are sure to ignite your imagination.

Norway is filled with gorgeous fjords, some more popular than others. One of the less visited, but no less visually stunning, is Maurangefjord. Located in the south-west of the country Maurangefjord is a perfect destination for those on a vacation with a motorhome rental in Norway. Drive down the fjord and you will find yourself face-to-face with a gorgeous waterfall that in and of itself makes the trek worthwhile. Don't wait too long to visit Maurangefjord, however, as a new access has been created to connect the fjord to a magnificent glacier in Folgefonna, a new national park, which means that soon the crowds are likely to discover this beautiful fjord--and now that you're in on the secret you'll certainly want to get there first!

Like with fjords Norway has an abundance of beautiful mountains. If you are looking for one that is a little less popular and populated then turn to Jotunheimen ("giant home"), which doesn't just offer great views, but wonderful opportunities for hiking and climbing. The mountain is park of a national park of the same name and, according to Nordic mythology, is said to be the home of the Norse gods. Located in the centre of the country--and one of the highest summits in the area--Jotunheimen is just begging to be explored. If you'd like to discover the park start in Leirvassbu and don't forget to hit Galdhxpiggen and Glittertind and remember, the steepest peaks are located in the western most part of the park. The Drive from Riksgränsen to Oslo Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the urban world on this drive that takes you past fjords, rivers and waterfalls. You will see charming wooden houses located along the fjords, some built on poles right in the water. The bridges here are high and your road companions are more likely to be reindeer and elk than other drivers. Hyefjord You won't find swarms of tourists here, probably because there isn't any major road or artery that leads you to his fjord. Travelling along the fjord you will discover majestic beauty as well as charming villages like the town of Hyen that supplies some unforgettable vistas. Don't miss the view at the mouth of the fjord in Hyefjord.

If you're willing to take the longer, slower route around Volda you will circumvent the majority of the traffic that heads across the mouth of this fjord, leaving you free to discover the fjord itself at your own pace. For those travelling Norway in a motorhome this is a drive you won't want to miss. We're talking splendid vistas, charming communities like Steinsvik and scenery that will take your breath away--all of which can be explored in peace, as fast or slow as you like. Bjaerfjord The popular Glomfjord and Hollandsfjord (Svartisen Glacier) are located in this area and draw the majority of the tourist traffic. While you likely want to hit these sights don't overlook what lies in the middle. If you do decide to take this coastal drive take the time to discover Bjaerfjord, which is missed by many who pass this way. The view as you drive into Bjaerangen along this narrow fjord is unforgettable as is the route that leads you to the coast, Amnoya and Gronoya, which provides gorgeous views of the Meloy vistas.

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