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Poland has to be one of the most underrated countries in Europe, and that’s a benefit if you choose to holiday here in you motorhome rental or campervan hire.  This is an area unspoilt by tourist attractions and hoards of visitors; it’s a combination of wild scenery, mountains; with opportunities for walking and skiing, stunning old towns and cities, and areas of lakes and wilderness. The advice for any traveller who has visited the country is, come whilst it’s still untouched.

Poland’s heritage plays a large role in its buildings and culture, you may not realise that some of the world’s most famous directors and musicians actually come from Poland.  The film school at Lodz is one example; Roman Polanski’s school has its home in the former textile city.  The astronomer Nicholas Copernicus also lived in Torun, and Marie Curie and the composer Chopin were also born here.  The 1980’s hero Lech Walesa was also an extremely important Polish figure, when he led the country out of communism.  

Many visitors come to visit Poland’s cities and overlook some of the country’s best parts, its landscape; wild and untouched.  There’s the Baltic coastline with its sandy beaches, the National Forests, the lakes of the interior, medieval castles, the underground world of limestone caves; and probably the most famous area in the country, the Carpathian and the Tatras Mountains.

These mountain ranges are a magnet for walkers and those who enjoy winter sports.  For those that don’t, the chocolate box villages in the foothills with their wooden cottages and some residents who still wear local dress are just as impressive.  

Good to Know

Pole’s first and formostly speak Polish, there are a few areas in the south west that also speak German; English and Russian are also spoken in the majority of places.  

Probably the best tip is - When you need o fill up you campervan hire or motorhome rental, PB means unleaded fuel, and ON doesn’t mean on, it means diesel.  

Poland doesn’t have very many motorways, most of the roads are one lane in either direction, but there is a lot less traffic on the road.  There may be less traffic but the drivers tend to be rather more ‘assertive’, so if you are driving too slowly for the person behind, you are very likely to get flashing lights to tell you speed up, or get out of the way!  You will also ‘get the lights’ to warn you of traffic police up head, or to tell you that you are driving without your lights on.  It doesn’t however mean thank you, in which case you wave or blink your hazard warning lights once or twice.

Travelling in a motorhome rental or campervan hire puts you in a unique position to see some of Poland charms. From quiet villages and rural countryside to vibrant cities, and for the sheer choice and some very friendly people, a holiday in Poland will be a great discovery.

10 Fantastic Places to Visit on Your Campervan Holiday

Poland is filled with some fantastic places to visit for holidaymakers with a motorhome rental or campervan hire. There is just so much choice from beautiful cities to incredible nature, so whatever you like to do here are 10 of the best.

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Fantastic Roadtrips on Your Campervan Holiday

Poland may not have the great long driving routes as some of its European Neighbours, but it does have a great variety of trips that can be completed in one or two days, many of them following areas of specific interest.  There are even a few dedicated Papal routes, if you are interested in following in the footsteps of the Pope!

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Getting off the Beaten Track

A motorhome rental or campervan hire is a fantastic way to experience some of Poland’s most undiscovered areas; in fact some of the locals like to keep these areas a secret for themselves.  These are a few of Poland’s ‘little gems’.

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Motorhoming in Gdansk

Gdansk’s political past, in some ways, has probably not been a great benefit to its tourist appeal.  The images of striking shipyard workers in industrial surroundings is not where most people would choose to spend there summer holiday, but there’s a lot more to Gdansk if you take time to look around.

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Motorhoming in Katowice

The city of Katowice is a very different side to Poland, unlike Krakow and Warsaw, its best known for being the cradle of Polish industry.  Along the streets there’s evidence of the 19th century industrial buildings alongside the modern buildings of today; so if you enjoy modern architecture it’s a good place to spend some time.  After World War II, and during the Stalin craze, Katowice changed its name to Stalingrod, but it soon changed back again after Stalin’s death in 1953!

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Motorhoming in Krakow

Gdansk’s political past in some was has probably not been a great benefit to its tourist appeal.  The images of striking shipyard workers in industrial surroundings is not where most people would choose to spend there summer holiday, but there is a lot more to Gdansk if you take time to look around.

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Motorhoming in Warsaw

If you think that Warsaw will be grey and uninteresting you will be very pleasantly surprised to find you were wrong!  Today, it’s just like a Parisian street, filled with flowers, open air cafes and beautiful buildings.  Many of the tourist attractions relate to the Poles struggle during World War II, and can be very moving, but there are always places to sit and enjoy the new way of life here, and reflect.

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Poland Geography

You would be forgiven for thinking that Poland is in Eastern Europe; in fact, it’s slightly further west, so classed as being in Central Europe.  This fact doesn’t make an incredible amount of difference, and the names of its neighbours still give an air of Eastern European history.  Sandwiched between the Ukraine, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Germany, and the Baltic Sea it has an air of mystery.

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The Best Polish Beaches

Bet you’re thinking….Poland and beaches?  Your images of Poland’s coastline are most probably from the days when the shipyards at Gdansk where in the news, and sometimes the area was portrayed as grey and uninviting.  Today, nothing could be further from the truth; Poland actually has some very fine beaches along the Baltic coast.  For visitors with campervan hire and motorhome rental this is great news, the beaches are not flooded with tourists and there are some very nice places to spend the night.  One word of warning, this is the Baltic, and Baltic is a good way to describe the temperature of the water, bracing is another!

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