Julien Alps, Slovenia

Julien Alps, Slovenia

photo by Michael Gäbler (wikimedia commons)


Lake Bled, Slovenia photo by Johann Jaritz (wikimedia commons)Lake Bled, Slovenia photo by Johann Jaritz (wikimedia commons)

Slovenia is a relatively undiscovered part of Europe. Filled with forested mountains, lakes and the chalet type houses you’d expect to see in Austria and Switzerland, campervan hire or motorhome rental is a great way of discovering this untouched region and meeting some of the genuine people who live here.

The country is diverse and takes on characteristics of its neighbours.  Adjacent to Italy there are the alpine mountains and a short coastal stretch on the Adriatic.  To its border with Austria mountains, rivers and valleys and then there are the lowlands and marshes of the south.

Slovenia has a lot of history and not just from way back, more modern history too, which helps understand how the country came to be as it is today.  After World War II Slovenia re-established itself as part of the communist state of Yugoslavia.  The capital was then Belgrade but the people (Slovenes) were unhappy with the ruling power.  In 1991 they fought for their independence and won, thankfully with little bloodshed.  Today Slovenia has come a long way from its communist roots; it is now part of the European Union, NATO and has adopted the Euro as its currency.

The climate is as diverse as the landscape with typical Mediterranean temperatures on the coast, mild winters and hot summers and cold snowy winters in the mountains and lowlands.  In fact it has a very similar climate to its neighbor Italy with ski resorts open in the winter and lake and beach resort in the summer.

The roads.  You may think as this was part of Yugoslavia the roads are probably not at their best, but in most places they are well maintained.  Signing is good and there are far fewer vehicles on the road than in other parts of continental Europe.  Ideal if you enjoy having the open road all to yourself in a campervan hire or motorhome rental.

Another thing which won’t cause you too much bother is the language.  The Slovenes speak….Slovene, German, Hungarian, Italian, oh and English!  English is spoken by younger people and people employed in the tourist industry as a second language, however some of the older people will speak German or Italian.  So just to be on the safe side take a German and/or Italian phrasebook or dictionary with you. 

For more information on the Aire de Service and campsites visit the links below which give detailed locations for motorhome and campervan stopovers.  These pages are in German and Dutch but a translation tool will easily change it into something you can understand.  Also don’t forget to ask the staff at the rental point about recommended sites, they will have quite and few and will be more up to date as there are new places opening all the time



Slovenia Geography

Small but perfectly formed, Slovenia is one of the less well known countries of Europe.  In fact, if you say to your neighbours ‘we’re taking a motorhome rental holiday in Slovenia’ you may get a polite nod, a smile and ‘oh that’s nice’ when what they really want to say is ‘were on earth is that?’ or words to that affect.  So, where is Slovenia?  Well, it’s to the east of Italy, south of Austria, west of Hungary and north of its former Yugoslavian cousin Croatia.

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Slovenia Motorhome Rental: Top 10 Places to Visit

Unlike many countries in Europe, it isn’t immediately obvious what Slovenia is associated with, France has the Eiffel Tower, the UK has Big Ben and Italy has the Vatican, but what about Slovenia?  Well, that’s part of its charm; there are great things to see here, it’s just that not everybody knows about them.

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Slovenia Off the Beaten Track

If you want off the beaten track, you’ve got it!  There are those countries where its difficult to find somewhere ‘untouched’ but here in Slovenia its hard to find many places that are actually ‘touristy’.  Finding somewhere just that little bit unique won’t be at all difficult.  These are just a few suggestions to try out in your campervan hire or motorhome rental and after your visit perhaps you might like to add a few more.

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Top Slovenia Motorhome Roadtrips

Slovenia has some beautiful views to witness from your campervan hire or motorhome rental.  The most popular area is the Julian Alps, north of the capital Ljubljana, so this is where we’ll start our top road trip in Slovenia.

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