Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope

Photo by Didier B (Sam67fr) (wikimedia commons)

Motorhoming in South Africa

Photo by PZFUN (WIkimedia Commons)Drakensberg Mountains Photo by PZFUN (WIkimedia Commons)

The biggest question when deciding where to visit on your campervan hire or motorhome rental holiday in South Africa is where on earth do you start?  This is an incredible place to visit, there’s so much to do here, you could spend months touring and seeing new things.  There are natural wonders from Table Mountain to God’s window, cosmopolitan cities, quaint towns, rolling mountains, cool forests, vast plains, golden coastlines, and barren deserts.  Then there are the fantastic restaurants, the wonderful weather, and of course the game viewing, with everything from elephants to penguins!  That’s why this country has always been a popular place to ‘holiday’.

The weather.  
There’s never a bad time to visit South Africa, even the thunder and lightning storms are spectacular, especially out on the savannah.  The climate in South Africa is seasonal, May to August is wintertime when nights can get a little chilly, but this is Africa, so chilly here isn’t the same as chilly in Europe.  November to March is summertime, which brings hot weather and frequent tropical storms to cool things down, spring and autumn are pleasant and warm.

Good to Know.  

Travelling by road is a great experience in South Africa, you can take things at your own speed and see some amazing countryside pass by.  There tarmaced road system is good in places, not so good in others, so bear that in mind.  Another tip is to always go for the biggest engine or capacity vehicle you can afford.  This may sound odd, but some of the distances are long and sometimes not very smooth, so a family crammed into something which is just about big enough, especially with all those suitcases you brought, may not be too comfortable after a while.  Always keep some change with you as some of the national roads charge tolls, and remember a mobile phone is very useful if you breakdown, but don’t use it whilst driving unless you’ve got a hands free kit.

There are a few useful driving tips for those visiting South Africa for the first time.  Probably the most ‘strange’ rule of the road is the one relating to the four way stop.  The four way stop is a type of junction, just like a cross roads, the rule here is that who ever arrives here first has the right of way.  There will be signs warning you, but proceed with caution.  Roundabouts or traffic circles are not a common occurrence, but here is another place to take care, as the locals don’t necessarily think there are rules, and they certainly don’t use signals.  Another thing that locals tend to ignore are the speed limits, so if you’re driving too slowly for them expect flashing lights and the horn!  Don’t worry, let them pass, you’re probably gong to be much bigger than they are anyway.  

Very Important:  To hire a vehicle in South Africa you will require an IDP or International Driving Permit, check with a driving association or Driving licence issuing authority for how to obtain one.  These need to be issued before travel, so make sure you plan ahead.

10 Fantastic Places to Visit on Your Campervan Holiday

This ‘Top 10 of South Africa’ has something for everyone, beautiful countryside with fantastic views, beaches, mountains, gardens, wine and fantastic wildlife.  As ten means ten, we’ve left out diamonds; sorry ladies, and rugby; sorry gents, but perhaps you can add these to your own list.  Motorhome rental and campervan hire here is an unbeatable way to see the delights of this magnificent country, and also gives you access to places off the beaten track where you can experience the great outdoors.

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Fantastic Roadtrips on Your South African Campervan Holiday

Visitors with motorhome rental or campervan hire vehicles are in for a real treat when it comes to fantastic road trips.  There are lots of known tourist’s routes that take in some incredible scenery, with a range of wildlife and culinary experiences thrown in.  Here are just a few to give you some ideas.

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Getting off the Beaten Track

A motorhome rental or campervan hire is a great way to experience some of South Africa’s fantastic undiscovered areas.  Here are just three of the areas you can visit if you like to get off the beaten tourist track and see what the ‘real’ South Africa is like.

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Motorhoming in Cape Town

Cape Town is a wonderful city with good facilities, shops, restaurants, and some fantastic scenery and attractions; you could spend your entire holiday here and still not see everything.  Another great thing about Cape Town is that it’s a really ‘good value for money’ place to visit, you’ll certainly get you monies worth here.

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Motorhoming in Durban

Durban may be South Africa’s third largest city, but the atmosphere here is relaxed and chilled out.  The residents of Durban are known for their friendliness and having a good time; and no wonder with the warm ocean, and 320 day of sunshine a year.  This is the place to visit if you want a few days of fun and relaxation.

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Motorhoming in Johannesburg

Realistically, Johannesburg is probably where you will pick up your motorhome rental or campervan hire vehicle and head out.  This is a great area to explore and the most convenient place to fly into if you want to visit Kruger National Park.

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Motorhoming in Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth is at the eastern end of the Garden Route, so for visitors with a motorhome rental or campervan hire vehicle this is probably a starting or finishing point, and what a great place it is.  There are lots of good restaurants and bars, there are also game parks for those who prefer not to travel as far as Kruger, and there are some wonderful beaches too.  Here are just a few of the best things to se and do in the area.

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South Africa Geography

It’s probably pretty obvious where South Africa’s located, but what about its neighbours?  Cape Point is said to be where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet, in reality it’s a little further along the coast, but we won’t spoilt it!  So, that’s the south, west and most of the eastern parts taken care of.  Then, there are Swaziland and Mozambique to the east, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia to the north.

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The Best South African Beaches

South Africa has two kinds of beaches, those you can sunbathe on, enjoy swimming and water sports, and those that you cant, because of strong tides, and…sharks!

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