Royal Palace

Royal Palace

photo by DonPaolo (wikimedia commons)

Madrid Motorhome Holiday

photo by Antonio García (Flickr Creative Commons)Metropolis Building photo by Antonio García (Flickr Creative Commons)

Madrid is one of those cities with mucha marcha or lots to experience.  There are a large number of historic buildings and museums to visit, the bars, clubs and restaurants of the old city and of course the public parks.  All roads lead to Madrid. This is absolutely true, nevertheless its better not to get on them.  There are huge amounts of traffic going both into and out of the city and even if you do manage to get anywhere near the centre you’ll never find anywhere to park your campervan hire.  Having said that a visit to Spain’s capital is a must.

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There is just 1 parking area near to the eastern side of the city which is suitable for motorhomes and that’s because as previously mentioned it advised to stay well outside Madrid and travel in by other means.  There are 7 campsites around Madrid with the nearest only 8 miles from the centre, don’t expect too much greenery here, if you are looking for something less suburban choose a site further out of town. 

Top things to see and do 

The Royal Palace or Palacio Real.  Madrid's largest and most beautiful building and also the largest royal palace in Western Europe.   It’s a good place to sit and watch the passers by as well as to digging into the area’s history, some of the original city walls can still be seen today.  

Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza.  The museum has ever changing exhibitions as well as art from the 13th century to the late 20th century. There are almost a thousand works of art on display from artisits such as Cezzanne, Monet and Caravaggio, there is also a very popular exhibition of 19th and 20th century pop art.

One for the girls. Visit the El Corral de la Morería the oldest flamenco show restaurant in Madrid next to the Royal Palace.  It’s the best tablao flamenco restaurant in the whole of Spain, with mouth watering food and truly excellent dancing.   

One for the boys. Try churros.  Madrid has one of the most legendary churro shops, ‘San Gines Churreria’ in the centre of the city.  What’s a churros? A churros is a donut like strip that is dunked in thick hot chocolate.  Don’t eat too many or you’ll be sick!

Just for fun…take a Tapas Walking Tour.  This is great way to see the historic back streets of the city at night and get to try some excellent tapas with wine.  All of the wines were paired with appropriate tapas and by the end of the evening you will be glad that you are walking and not driving.

Madrid has some excellent places to visit but visitors with a motorhome rental or campervan hire vehicles are better off leaving their vehicles on one of the nearby campsites or rest areas and travelling into the city by public transport, even the locals hate driving into the centre, so follow their advice! 

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