Sarek National Park

Sarek National Park

Photo by Grapetonix (WIkimedia Commons)

Motorhoming in Lulea

Photo by Stephan Herz (Wikimedia Commons)Cathedral of Luleå Photo by Stephan Herz (Wikimedia Commons)

Lulea is one of those destinations which, if you said to your friends ‘I’m going on holiday to Lulea’ you’d probably get some blank looks.  So, if you want to feel like a pioneer and visit somewhere that very few people have heard of then head for Lulea.  But where is it?  As we are in the ‘Sweden’ section, it has to be in Sweden, but where?  Well, it right up on the north coast where it bends round to meet Finland, on the Gulf of Bothnia.  This is Swedish Lapland, but it isn’t that small, the city has a technical university, and around 70,000 inhabitants live in the area.  So, if you want wilderness and open space start here, collect some provisions and then take your motorhome rental or campervan hire and hit the road.

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There are a couple of campsites near Lulea, probably the best is First Camp, with a pool, café, and restaurant, the other are scattered along the coast.  There isn’t too much choice here; but who needs choice when there's so much open space outside.  The right to roam in the north is a wonderful opportunity to park up and stay a few nights; either on the coast or further inland in the countryside or forests, the choice is yours.

Top things to see and do

This area is not about ‘tourist attractions, in fact there’s only one, so we’ll start with that and move onto the more natural side of a visit here.

The Church Village of Gammelstad is one of 17 church-towns, and a UNESCO World Heritage site.  These church towns were a way of colonising remote areas.  A church would be built and then people would gather and build their own small wooden houses around it.  This meant that they could travel from their main home and stay overnight before attending church the next day.  The town has narrow streets and of course the 14th century church which is beautifully decorated.  It’s well worth a visit.

Visit Storforsen, Europe’s largest unregulated waterfall, west of Alvsbyn.  The waterfall is 82 meters high, nearby there is also a forestry museum illustrating the work of the local craftsmen and forestry workers.

Norrland Riviera on Pitholmen is known as for its 10Km swimming beach.  At Jave, just south of Pitea you can leave the beach and visit some Bronze Age remains on an archaeological trail.

The area also has some wonderful national parks covering over 9,400 square Kilometres, the most beautiful is Sarek National Park, home to glaciers, as well as six of Sweden’s highest peaks.  See ‘off the beaten track’ for more details.

The area around Lulea is a truly beautiful place to spend time in a motorhome rental or campervan hire, it’s what these types of holiday are all about, freedom both on the roads and some wonderful places to spend the night.  Perfect.

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