Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace

Photo by Sxenko (Wikimedia Commons)

Motorhoming in Stockholm

Photo by Jonnie Nord (Wikimedia Commons)Royal Dramatic Theatre Photo by Jonnie Nord (Wikimedia Commons)

Stockholm is not just a modern city, in fact, is 14 different islands.  Often referred to as the Venice of the North; the city attracts more foreign visitors than any other city in Scandinavia.  There is a great maritime history to the city, and you can even catch salmon in the city centre, the water is so clean.  So what makes it so popular, we’ll see why so many visitors, including those with motorhome rental and campervan hire vehicles choose to start their holiday here.

Services for Motorhome Rental vehicles

There’s a large choice of campsites around Stockholm, the majority on the coast or lakeside.  They are open all year and have some very good facilities, the nearest to the city is the three star Campsite Ängby.  There is also an ‘Aire’ 2.5 Km from the city centre, Langholmens husbilcamping at Skutskepparvagen.  It’s not the prettiest place in the world to stay, but if you are looking for just a brief overnight stop, it’s ok.

Top things to see and do

Vasa Museum.  The Vasa Museum is dedicated to the ill-fated ship called…The Vasa, which was commissioned by King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden in 1626.  The king wanted the biggest and best ship ever to have been built, so, whilst it was being built he kept adding things to it.  The designers advised the King that all these changes added too much weight and the ship would become un-seaworthy, but he didn’t listen.  As you can guess, the ship sunk to the bottom of the Baltic Sea on its maiden voyage in 1628.  After 333 years the ship was salvaged and brought to the museum where it is kept in a controlled environment.  This is a very interesting museum to visit.  

Drottningholm Palace and Court Theatre.  If you only visit one Palace, visit this one.  The palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is also home to the China House, and some very beautiful grounds.  Probably the best part is the Court Theatre, the oldest surviving theatre in Europe built in 1766.  It still has some of the original hand operated stage machinery, along with some much more modern equivalents!  If you love opera, during the summer there are regular performances which are well worth attending.

Walking Viking Tour.  A great way to visit the city and learn about the history, in a light hearted way.  Your Viking tour guide will take you from the Ice Age all the way to IKEA.  Based in the Old Town, the walking tour lasts 90 minutes and stops at landmarks such as the Royal Palace, Parliament building and Lake Mälaren, you also get to go off the tourist track.

The city of Stockholm is a good place to start your motorhome rental or campervan hire holiday in Sweden, when you’ve spent time here, there are some very good roads to take to your next destination, wherever that may be.

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