Stein Am Rhein

Stein Am Rhein

photo by Dicklyon (wikimedia commons)

Getting off the Beaten Track

photo by Massimo Macconi (wikimedia commons)Castles of Bellinzona Photo by Massimo Macconi (wikimedia commons)

A motorhome rental or campervan hire is a wonderful way to experience some of Switzerland’s undiscovered areas; it’s gets you away from the crowds that come on tour buses to see the chalets, mountains and lakes, and you will get a good idea what the real country is all about.

Stein am Rhein is a picture book town on the Rhine, full of brightly coloured houses.  There is also an interesting 16th century Benedictine Monastery, or if you just want to relax, sit with a picnic overlooking the river.

Solothurn is a beautiful baroque city with a Neo-classical cathedral, climb to the top for some wonderful views.  Better still find the 12th century clock tower, which not only tells the time in true Swiss style, but on the hour provides a show of dancing mechanical figures; just like the one in Bern, only no tourists!

Schaffhausen is another undiscovered town on the Rhine, Not ‘off the beaten track because it’s quiet, but because, again, very few tourists.  If you only come here for one thing, visit the Abaco chocolate shop.  The shop is a small family run business that is famous for its champagne chocolate balls!  

Bellinzona.  Come here during the week for a quieter experience as this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Bellinzona has three castles built by the Dukes of Milan and the grounds have some lovely walks and beautiful vineyards to relax in.

Baden is a medieval spa town, and has the most mineral rich water in the country.  Most other tourist’s heads for the Val’s for spa therapy, so you can relax with the locals here.  

Gandria is a town which clings to the rock face on Lake Lugano.  Surrounded by palm trees and olive groves, you would be forgiven for thinking you were in Italy.  The area is famous for producing some beautiful ceramics, having a motorhome rental or campervan hire here is a benefit, it means that you won’t have to carry the ceramics you’ve purchased very far.

Neuchatel is just 12 miles from France, so not only do you get a beautiful Swiss lake with fountains and a historic old town, you also get vineyards and fine wines.  The area also has a Gothic cathedral and a 15th century castle with lots of picturesque walks too.

Seengen feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere, and even though it has a very beautiful lake there are very few tourist here; so make the best of it!  Pay a visit to the beautiful Hallwyl Castle surrounded by a moat for some great photo opportunities.

Motorhome rental or campervan hire is a really good way of seeing these beautiful places.  Of course there are other kinds of ‘Off the beaten track’ on the mountain trails, but these beautiful towns and cities are somewhere different, and still unspoilt, an opportunity to experience the real Switzerland.

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