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Setting off in an RV (recreational vehicle) to explore this incredible country at your own pace can be the discovery of a new lifestyle, a fantastic way to vacation on your own terms, or an enviable yet quite common way to spend a hard-earned retirement.

The United States is a vast country with almost every type of landscape imaginable, and an RV holiday in the USA is one of the best ways to see this amazing diversity. The States is home to scenic grandeur that’s hard to match anywhere in the world. There are wind-blasted deserts with an eerie, serene beauty; jagged mountain ranges rising above 14,000 feet (up to 20,000 feet in Alaska) with year-round snowfields and glaciers; some of the longest rivers and deepest gorges in the world; forests of giant redwood trees that are among the largest and oldest living things on earth; and a plethora of other spectacular vistas.

Renting allows you to try various types of RVs and learn from real experience which one best suits your particular needs. Or, perhaps you already know and enjoy the RV lifestyle but aren’t ready to own. Many people rent RVs simply for the fun, freedom and flexibility of taking RV trips to a special event or destination.

Recent studies show that RV trips remain the most affordable way for a family to travel because of the significant savings on hotel and restaurant costs, even with fuel prices and the cost of ownership or rental factored in.

Read on to get the best advice, tips, tricks and secrets on where to go, what to do, how to plan and mistakes to avoid, to truly get the most out of your US RV Rental holiday.



For many RV enthusiasts, Alaska represents the holy grail of road trip destinations. Immense in size but sparse in population, breath-takingly beautiful and relatively isolated, the "Last Frontier" is begging to be explored by those with time up their sleeve and an understanding that Alaska doesn't “do” drives - it does journeys.

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Anchorage Motorhome Rental

Anchorage is Alaska’s largest city, a port with over 300,000 residents. Like many cities in the state, it is sandwiched between sound and mountain in a beautiful setting. Winters can be harsh but summers are moderate and warm, and during the months of May-September, Anchorage is a lovely place to visit. A motorhome rental will help you to explore not only the city but the beautiful surroundings which include fjords, waterfalls, glaciers and plenty of wilderness.


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Its nickname of “The Grand Canyon State” should give you some indication of the main attraction in Arizona. But while the rust-red and almost impossibly vast canyon is definitely a must-see, it's certainly not the only thing worth experiencing in this state of national parks, bustling cities and historic sights.

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Favourable weather, a head-spinning choice of activities and scenery that ranges from pristine beaches to breathtaking mountain vistas and immense valleys – these are just some of the factors that make the ‘Golden State’ one the world’s most popular and unforgettable destinations for RV travel. Grab a California RV Rental today and experience what the incredible state has to offer.

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Resting in the lap of the looming and snow-capped Rocky Mountains, the State of Colorado has over the centuries been home to cowboys and gold prospectors, folk singers and snow bunnies. Today the Centennial State is a thriving cosmopolitan center with one hand reaching out to the future and the other tending carefully to its rich past. It's also a hugely popular travel destination that never fails to reward patience and curiosity with an eye-opening and soul-replenishing experience.

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Denver Motorhome Rental

Denver is a high altitude city, nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains on the Great Plains. It is very much a midwest city but no hick cowboy town- Denver is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States and has a vibrant arts and festivals scene.It is perfectly located for a number of road trips, close to the centre of the country so you can visit the South, the Midwest and the west coast with equal ease. The east coast is a bit further away but still within a few days’ drive!


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Home to both the all-American wonder of Walt Disney World Resort and the distinctly Spanish charm of St Augustine. Famous equally for wildlife watching in pristine state parks and people watching along some of the world's most recognized beaches. The “Sunshine State” that is also known as the lightning capital of the US - if you're looking for an RV holiday in which no two days are the same then you would be hard pressed to find a location more culturally, climatically and geographically diverse than Florida.

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Great Lakes Region

The Great Lakes Region includes the Canadian province of Ontario and the eight U.S. states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

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It carries the instantly likable nickname of the Prairie State and, with a wealth of natural beauty to behold, Illinois certainly lives up to this bucolic tag. With five scenic byways that criss-cross the state, Illinois treats RV travellers to views of pristine rivers, tree-lined lakes, lush stretches of farmland and, of course, those cinematic prairie plains.


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Las Vegas Motorhome Rental

Las Vegas has a reputation as “Sin City,” a place of gambling, hedonism, strippers, shotgun weddings and rock’n’roll. It is not misplaced and you will certainly find those things there, but there is more to it- it has a fascinating history as a pop-up city in the desert, and is home to museums, parks and theatre venues. Located in the Nevada desert, it is in close proximity to some amazing natural features easily accessible in your RV rental Las Vegas.


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Los Angeles Motorhome Rental

Los Angeles, city of Angels, is possibly one of the world’s most famous locations. Unlike the Londons and Romes of this world, Los Angeles has recent history to thank for its heritage and fame, namely the movie industry which has exploded in the city over the last century. Even as early as 1921, 80% of the world’s film industry was concentrated in L.A. Now, it is a sprawling city not only full of movie stars and emntertainment, but beaches, bikinis, nightlife, shopping, eating and more. Los Angeles is not everyone’s idea of a holiday, but one thing is certain- it will not leave you bored.


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Mid-Atlantic Region

Cities that never sleep and sleepy historic towns, immense wilderness and tiny parks, cultural hubs and secluded hideaways are all part of the diverse Mid-Atlantic.

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MidWest & Great Plains Region

The Great Plains, which makes up more than 15% of the USA's land area through 10 states but holds barely 3% of the nation's population is characterized by small-town festivals and big-city theater, rodeo, ragtime, riverboats and the country’s breadbasket (it’s the primary source of wheat for the U.S.A, as well as flax seed, sorghum, sunflower, barley, corn, cattle and cotton).

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Mountain Region

Basking in the beauty of the glorious Rocky Mountains, from ranch lands to ski slopes, dense forests to rushing rivers, the Mountain Region is an awesome home to wildlife and a rewarding destination for RV travelers.

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There's two things you should know before you even start planning a trip to Nevada, firstly, it's Nevada,not Ne-vaah-duh. If you knew this already, as you were. If you didn't, don't worry too much – it's a common mistake. Secondly, despite popular belief, there's a whole lot more to the Silver State then the flashing lights and ringing slot machines of Las Vegas.

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New England Region

In what is still a relatively new nation, this is a region rich in the country’s earliest history. New England produced the first pieces of American literature and philosophy and in the 19th century, it played a prominent role in the movement to abolish slavery in the United States. It was the first region to be transformed by the Industrial Revolution.

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New York Motorhome Rental

New York, the Big Apple, is the most populous city in the United States. It is place that people dream of visiting or moving to, to chase dreams and experience the culture and excitement of a city that never sleeps. Whilst there is not much scope to cruise around in an RV in Manhattan, the city’s outskirts have plenty of RV parks from which you can make use of the excellent public transport to explore.


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Pacific Region

The Pacific Region of the US starts with Alaska's snowy north - and includes the states of  Washington, Oregon and California. The Pacific region is renown for its stunning coastlines and picturesque mountains making it a great place to take a motorhome holiday.

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San Francisco Motorhome Rental

San Francisco is a hilly city on the peninsula which encloses San Francisco Bay. It is a liberal and diverse community, made up of districts which each have their own unique flavour, from touristy Fisherman’s Wharf to the bohemian Haight and largely hispanic artisan neighbourhood of Mission-Bernal Heights. Spend a few days in San Francisco after picking up your San Francisco RV rental to experience all of them!


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Southwest Region

From food to festivals to architecture, the fusion of Native American, Hispanic and Anglo cultures encompasses many different vistas and lifestyles in the Southwest.

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Cowboys and cattle ranches, BBQ and beer, patriotism, pick-up trucks and conservative politics: Say the name “Texas” and these are some of the associations that readily spring to mind. However, while all of these things certainly exist - and remain important - in Texas, they are by no means definitive of the entire Lone Star State.

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USA Capital Region

Known as the historical cornerstone of the United States, the Capital Region is the nation’s seat of government and features a wealth of museums, verdant mountains and roaring rivers, and pursuits like fishing and rafting.

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USA RV Videos

Check out our 15 Video series of Rohan and Paul as they travel through Northern California. Starting in San Francisco, the roadtrip winds its way through the Napa Valley, up the coast to see the famous Redwoods and finishes in the sublime Yosemite National Park.

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USA South Region

Variety is the essence of the Southern RV travel experience. Because of the region's unique cultural and historic heritage, the South developed its own customs, literature, musical styles, and varied cuisines that have profoundly shaped traditional American culture.

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