Connecticut Itinerary for a 1 day RV Holiday

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Day 1

Start: Canterbury

Canterbury, the beginning point on this tour, was settled in 1697 and features remnants of a New England agricultural past.

Stop 1: Prudence Crandall Museum

Directions from previous place:     The museum is at the junction of SR-169 and SR-14 in Canterbury.
Suggested Time at This Site:           2 hours

The museum was the first academy for young black women in New England. Crandall faced arrest, harassment, and mob violence for her endeavors and was designated Connecticut's State Female Hero in 1995. The museum features changing exhibits, a research library, and a gift shop.

Stop 2: Cleaveland Cemetery

Directions from previous place:     The cemetery is just north of the Prudence Crandall Museum.
Suggested Time at This Site:           1 hour

This cemetery was formerly the Old Church Burying Ground. Moses Cleaveland, the founder of Cleveland, is buried here.

Stop 3: Brooklyn Green

Directions from previous place:    
Get back onto SR-169 and drive north for 6.5 miles. Keep right onto US-6 (Providence Rd) for 0.3 miles until you arrive in Brooklyn. Brooklyn Green is located within Brooklyn.
Distance from Previous Site:           6.8 miles / 10.9 km
Travel Time from Previous Site:    11 minutes
Suggested Time at This Site:           2 hours

The Brooklyn Green is a National Register Historic District that includes 7 different historic features within about 1.75 acres. Park behind the church and explore the area on foot. Be sure to note the memorials to Israel Putnam. First, is the Israel Putnam Statue, dedicated to General Putnam who fought in the French and Indian Wars. He also fought in the Revolution and is best remembered for his leading role in the Battle of Bunker Hill. There is also a commemorative stone to Israel Putnam. A bronze plaque on a granite boulder marks the site of the General Wolfe Tavern, which Israel Putnam and his wife operated.

Stop 4: Friendship Valley B&B Inn

Directions from previous place:     Just down the street from Brooklyn Green.
Suggested Time at This Site:          2 hours

This house was a stop on the Underground Railroad and home to George Benson who sheltered Prudence Crandall during her trial.

Stop 5: Israel Putnam Farmstead

Directions from previous place:     Get back on SR 169 and continue all the way past Pomfret. On the west side, just north of Spaulding Road, is the Israel Putnam Farmstead.
Suggested Time at This Site:          3 hours

Come explore the 515-acre farmstead where Israel Putnam and his family resided.

Stop 6: Pulpit Rock Road Marker

Directions from previous place:     After exploring the farmstead, continue on SR 169 past Woodstock to North Woodstock, where you'll find the Pulpit Rock Road Marker.
Suggested Time at This Site:           1 hour

The last stop on this tour, the Pulpit Rock Road Marker is a memorial to the original settlers in this part -- the "Thirteen Goers." Read from the bronze plaque about the site where the "Thirteen Goers" held their religious services when they first arrived in 1686.

End: Woodstock

End your tour of SR -169 in Woodstock, CT. Visit The Inn at Woodstock Hill, or the he Palmer Memorial Hall and Palmer Arboretum.

Totals for Day 1

Total Distance Traveled:     6.8 miles / 10.9 km
Total Travel Time:               11 minutes
Total Stopping Time:          11 hours

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