Burning Festival RV Rental

The Burning Man Festival is one out of the box. Not a typical music or arts festival, it is a pop-up centre of community, art and creativity, of self-reliance. Burning Festival is a way of life not just for the week in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert but for the rest of the year as participants take their experiences and make them come alive in their homes with the ten principles of the Burning festival: Radical Inclusion, Gifting, Decommodification, Radical Self-Reliance, Radical Self-Expression, Communal Effort, Civic Responsibility, Leaving No Trace, Participation and Immediacy. The festival is not about performers on stages entertaining the masses, but is created and experienced by participants. The festival refers to a wooden effigy burnt on the saturday night, and recalls the roots of the festival as a summer solstice bonfire ritual when Larry Harvey and friends burnt a 9-foot wooden man in a bout of the aforementioned Radical Self-Expression.

The dates of Burning Festival change, but it begins on the last monday in August and lasts a week. Taking place in Black Rock Desert in Nevada, it is quite isolated, but very well attended with tickets selling out. The festival creates a city, a temporary metropolis which springs up annually. Events and performances are unstructured and participant-driven, so it is impossible to say what to expect for a first time Burning festival attendee- your experience depends on your participation!
RVs are popular means of transport and accommodation for Burning Festival participants. Whilst not quite as community-friendly as a tent, they are, let’s face it, much more comfortable to live in and out of for a week in a potentially extreme natural environment like the Nevada Desert in August! There is a spot designated for RVs so you will have no issues in taking one. However, as with anything there are logistics to think of when taking an RV to Burning Festival.

Leaving No Trace applies to all RVs too! You will need a self-contained unit if you want to use the shower, toilet and/or sink in your RV. There are no dump sites in Black Rock City, but there are RV servicing trucks which will empty black and grey water for a fee. RVs up to 24 feet in length are $50 for grey and black tanks, and those 25-35 feet are $60, with an additional $30 fee for any extra tank. You will need cash for this service, and to keep an eye out for the trucks so you can flag them down. Make sure that you park the RV where the truck can reach it.

You will also need to make sure you hire an RV with a generator, so you can keep it cool- a metal box in the desert is not going to be hospitable otherwise! Also on this note, bring lots of water, and bikes to get around a City as things can be spread out. Apart from that, go crazy- you’ll need a stock of food for the weekend, presumably alcohol which you will not drink before driving, sunscreen, and anything else which will aid you to practice Radical Self-Expression, Immediacy and the rest.

Burning Festival is about self-expression and art, but not destruction of property- the rental supplier won’t want to hear about why you painted the windows pink and blue! Be considerate of your home away from home and do not do anything to the vehicle that is not easily reversible. You can still easily participate in art installations, but make sure that any artistic endeavours are temporary! Often additional cleaning fees are added to Burning festival rentals because of the nature of the event, so make sure you keep the RV in good condition and do not ruin it for the attendees of the future. Also, we recommend that you get full insurance so any damage to the vehicle is covered- in a festival situation, things can happen no matter how careful you are personally. An excess reduction policy is the way to go.

So, when do you need to think about booking your RV for Burning Festival? Despite the spontaneous nature of the event, this is something that needs to be planned well in advance. Supply runs out and prices go up as the event nears, so get in as fast as possible, preferably now! Ticket details fopr 2013 and pricing will be released on the 4th of January. More information can be found at http://tickets.burning .com/. The most popular spots for campervan pick up are Reno and San Francisco, which will book out very fast, but there are other options. Los Angeles, Las Vegas or Salt Lake City make for a longer journey to the festival but will have more options available closer to the festival, and also offer a great opportunity to add a road trip before or after your Burning Festival experience!

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