Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip

Photo by Lasvegaslover, Creative Commons

Discover Nevada Road Trip: Las Vegas to Reno

Dog Valley, west of Reno - Photo by Dziban303, Creative CommonsDog Valley, west of Reno - Photo by Dziban303, Creative Commons

If you’re looking to make the drive between Las Vegas and Reno there are two main routes you can choose from, although we’ll touch on the most popular here. Keep in mind that while most people who visit Nevada are hitting up casinos in party town Las Vegas, the area offers much more in terms of places to go and things to see. Once you get your fill of non-stop Vegas fun option is to take the US-95 to Nevada, the shorter of the two routes.  US-95 is an interesting road that includes veritable ghost towns and places like Tonopah, a perfect base if you want to explore the area or participate in sports like rock climbing. The other option would be, literally, the scenic route.  Driving the US-395 will take longer, but it is generally thought to be much more beautiful road in terms of nature and vistas.

If you don’t like desert landscapes or are adverse to stretches of lonely road than the trip from Las Vegas to Reno isn’t for you. Be aware that food and fuel can only be found in larger towns like Tonopah and Fallon, and the weather can get very hot in the warmer months.

Day 1 to 2 – Las Vegas


The amount of time you spend in Las Vegas is really up to you. With casinos, pools, nightclubs and shows to keep you occupied it might be awhile until you’ve had your fill. Upon leaving Las Vegas think about stopping in Indian Springs, a cool stop if you’d like to visit a Sehmet Temple and perhaps witness some unmanned Predator drones flying overhead. 



Las Vegas – Photo by Kris Ziel via Wikimedia Commons

Day 3 (and 4) – Drive from Las Vegas to Reno

It’s up to you whether you want to make the drive to Reno in a day or two…or even more. Once you move on to Las Vegas and get close to Beatty you’ll find Rhyolite, a fascinating ghost town, where you can tour the remains of the old bank and train station. Also nearby is Carrara, an old quarry only accessible by 4x4. Nearly mid way into your eight hour drive you’ll likely want to stop off in Goldfield, the home of Wyatt Earp and the reportedly haunted Goldfield Hotel, and then travel on to Tonopah (check out the town’s mural and impressive mining museum). This would also be a good time to stock up on fuel before continuing on.

Rhyolite – Photo by Gedstrom via Wikimedia Commons

Nearly to Reno you’ll come across the town of Hawthorne and its bunkers and army depot. “America’s Patriotic Home” is also located close to Walker’s Lake where you can take some time to enjoy your surroundings or fish. Once you’re back on the I-95 the next major town you’ll hit is Fallon—the “Oasis of Nevada”—followed by Fernley.

Day 4 (and 5) - Reno

Once you reach Reno what to do next is totally up to you. The city offers everything from casinos and great spas to the great outdoors at Truckee River Whitewater Park. If you drive all the way out to Reno you’d be remiss not to try for a day or two in Lake Tahoe as well, one of the area’s most beautiful spots.




Reno – Photo by Eelkefolmer via Wikimedia Commons


Some Other Nevada Sights


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