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10 Best Beaches in the USA

Whether you want sugary white Florida sands, a family-friendly playground, paradisical Hawaian oases, untouched wilderness or a zany, eclectic atmosphere, you can find it on your RV road trip through the US. Here are our top picks of America's best beaches.

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Great American Road Trips

Here are some sample RV itineraries of various types, paces and lengths that include just a small fraction of things to see and do in the U.S on your motorhome road trip. At the very least they’ll give you an idea of travel distances and times - mix and match and add them together to create your own perfect plan - or feel free to do them in reverse!

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Getting Off the Beaten Track

There are many “must-dos” for your RV trip in the States that you think of straight away, such as Disneyland, or the Empire State Building. But there are also lots of less mainstream, quirky gems tucked away for you to discover in your motorhome – visit one or two of them and you’re guaranteed a respite from the crowds as well as some unusual memories.

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US Region Rundown

America has several large regions to visit during your motorhome holiday. Rather than being governmentally divided, they're more like cultural units, formed by history and geography and shaped by heritageand demographics. Within some regions, language is used differently and there are distinct dialects. There are also differences in attitude, food, agriculture and landscape.

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US Geography 101

The United States is a vast country that encompasses more than 3.5 million square miles (nine million square kilometers) and is home to more than 281 million people. This immense diversity makes it the ultimate country to travel through by motorhome.

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50 Fantastic Places to Visit

Such a vast country as the USA has countless attractions for you to visit. Sprinkle your motorhome road trip with stops at some of the theme parks, iconic landmarks, geographical wonders, unique towns, fascinating museums, national parks and monuments, or gorgeous gardens and galleries on our list of 50 amazing places to visit by RV.

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