The Byway that Bleeds

The Byway that Bleeds

Talimena Scenic Byway, Arkansas/Oklahoma

Getting Off the Beaten Track

There are many “must-dos” for your motorhome trip in the USA that you think of straight away, such as Disneyland, or the Empire State Building. But there are also lots of less mainstream, quirky gems tucked away for you to discover in your RV – visit one or two of them and you’re guaranteed a respite from the crowds, as well as some unusual memories!

1. The Baranov Museum Building, a National Historic Landmark in Kodiak on the Alaska Marine Highway, is the oldest of only four Russian structures remaining in the U.S. Built in 1808, it is the oldest building in Alaska.

2. The Coronado Trail Scenic Byway in Arizona is the least-traveled federal highway in the U.S. An old cowboy once scoffed when he heard of the plans to build the road” “There ain’t even a good horse trail”. Oddly enough for a highway so little used, the Coronado Trail was America’s first federal-aid highway. It was completed in 1926.

3. On the Country Music Highway in Kentucky, you can enjoy country music history and refuel your vehicle at the same time at the Country Music Gas Station in Louisa.

4. Get the jumbo box of popcorn and enjoy a show at the Fox Theater, the largest surviving motion picture palace in the world, located on Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Michigan.

5. You won’t have to prick your finger on the Paul Bunyan Scenic Highway in Minnesota, where the mayor of Manhattan Beach, artisan Frederick Gridley, also known as the Viking warrior Frederick Bearclawed at Hostfest, tells tall tales and makes world-renowned thimbles.

6. Check out one of the country’s best-preserved collections of shipwrecks and submerged cultural artifacts at the Underwater Preserves in Lake Champlain and Lake George on the Lakes to Locks Passage in New York.

7. A peach in the sky might make you think you’re seeing things, but if you’re driving your RV along the Cherokee Foothills Scenic Byway in South Carolina, you’re not hallucinating! It’s just the Peachoid – a giant water tower painted to look like a peach.

8. Look for lightning bugs lighting up the night sky in the “Firefly Capital of the World”, otherwise known as Boone, on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina.

9. You can indulge your sweet tooth on the Connecticut River Byway in New Hampshire and Vermont. With over 111 feet of counter space and three tiers of candy shelves displaying some 700 jars of sweet things such as licorice, taffy, mints and jawbreakers, Chutters Store in Littleton, New Hampshire, claims to be the largest candy counter in the world – and even holds the Guinness Record for it!

10. Don’t think you’re entering a surreal scene from a horror movie as you drive your motorhome along the Talimena Scenic Drive in Arkansas and Oklahoma. In spring and fall, the high water table may make iron-rich water seep through the asphalt, causing the byway to “bleed” red water.

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