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RV Buying Tips

Wondering whether to hire an RV or buy? It’s a good idea to do the exact sums, but there is a general “threshold” of about three months, below which it will be more economical to hire instead of buy. If your trip’s going to be much longer than that, then it's probably worth buying.

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So what kind of gas will you use and how much will you need? How about power supplies in an RV? What facilities do they typically have? What's the deal with travelling to Canada and/or Mexico? Get answers to frequently asked questions here.

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RV Handling Tips

The transition from driving the family car to driving an RV is different, but not necessarily difficult. Driving a 10+ ton rig can be done safely once you’ve had a proper education in it and a little practice. Physical size or stature isn’t important; but health, alertness, mature judgment, dexterity, driving experience and common sense are. These tips will help you to be a safe RV driver.

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RV Reservation Tips

There’s more to successful motorhome rental than there is to renting a car. Here are some tips to help you have a great, hassle-free experience and avoid disappointment when renting an RV.

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RV Types Overview

Generally speaking, the larger the unit, the more space, privacy and comfort it will afford you. However, the larger the unit will be more costly to rent and operate. It's important to fit the unit to your needs and desires, especially things like the level of privacy when sleeping.

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RVing Basics

Seasoned RVers have a plethora of insider tricks that save time, hassle and lots of trial and error on motorhome road trips. Read on to get tips from the pros, including unspoken RV etiquette, and items you'll be very glad you brought...


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